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terça-feira, 3 de outubro de 2017

Joining the EU is a marathon, says Serbian PM

Serbian Premier Ana Brnabić.
[Tib Tib/Flickr]

“For Serbia, joining the EU is like a marathon,” Brnabić told EURACTIV. “When you run a marathon you are not competing against anyone else but yourself. In that sense, I don’t think any country should be bothered by who is the front or second runner.”

Serbia’s first female prime minister highlighted the progress made by Serbia over the last three years to regain macroeconomic stability and fiscal discipline.

The country has adopted a comprehensive public financial management reform programme as well as important laws relating to regulatory reform, public salaries and administrative procedures.

It has developed strategies on e-government, harmonised its jurisprudence and continues to promote a merit-based recruitment system. Progress has also been visible in economic terms.


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