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segunda-feira, 30 de outubro de 2017

Justice for bees: French court to look at pesticide ban

German entomologists point at insecticides as the main cause of the decline of the population [Stock photo showing dead bees in a beekeeper's hands]

Justice for bees. The association Future Generations filed two appeals before the administrative court on 27 October to prevent sulfoxaflor, a molecule toxic to bees, from being placed on the French market.

These appeals follow an opinion of the French National Health Security Agency (ANSES) issued last June, which authorises the release of Closer and Transform, two pesticides containing sulfoxaflor.

The first action aims to suspend the placing on the market of sulfoxaflor as a matter of urgency. If the action is approved, this suspension will be provisional, until the administrative judge takes a decision.

Member of the neonicotinoid family

Sulfoxaflor is a molecule that acts on the nervous system of insects and kills them. From a chemical point of view, while sulfoxaflor is not a “neonicotinoid”, its mode of action is similar to these types of pesticides.

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