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quarta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2017

Much ado about fish fingers

Fish fingers were found to contain more meat in Austria than in Slovakia.

“Slovaks do not deserve less fish in their fish fingers!” he declared emphatically. “Hungarians get less meat in their meals, Czechs less cacao in their chocolate. EU law outlaws such practices already.”

“In a Union of equals, there can be no second class consumers either. I cannot accept that in some parts of Europe people are sold food of lower quality than in other countries, despite the packaging and branding being identical,” he said. “And we must now equip national authorities with stronger powers to cut out these illegal practices wherever they exist.”

'No second class consumers': Juncker slams double food quality in the EU

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker criticised double standards of food quality in his address to Parliament on Wednesday morning (13 September), saying that there should be no “second class consumers” in the single market. 

Fish fingers may seem like an odd focus, but the phenomenon of which Juncker speaks is real, and examples can be found with many foods.

A report by Reuters news agency earlier this year found that a major brand of fish fingers was labeled in a shop in Bratislava as being made with 58% fish, while those in similar packaging a few miles away across the Austrian border stated that they contained 65% fish.


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