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quarta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2017

Polish expert cries foul at Council’s Nord Stream 2 position

Pipes for the Nord Stream 2 project in Kotka, Finland.
[Nord Stream 2 website]

The Nord Steam 2 planned pipeline is supposed to transport Russian gas directly to Germany under the Baltic Sea. Germany, Austria and others remain adamant that the pipeline is a commercial, not a geopolitical, project.

But Poland and other member states say the project is against the strategic interests of the EU and undermines its ambition to build an Energy Union. Even Council President Donald Tusk has taken a position against the pipeline.

Tusk joins ‘Visegrad Four’ in attack on Nord Stream 2

The ‘Visegrad Four’ countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) found a powerful ally at the EU summit which ended today (18 December) in the person of Council President Donald Tusk, who repeated most of their arguments against the Germany-favoured project.

In the legal battle over Nord Stream 2, Poland succeeded in convincing the Commission to ask the member states for a mandate to negotiate with Russia a “special legal framework” on the pipeline project.

In particular, legal certainty is needed regarding the off-shore section of the pipeline, given that part of it, including its only entry point, lies outside EU jurisdiction. The Commission’s legal services said internal market legislation does not apply to the offshore sections of the project.


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