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quarta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2017

Pro-glyphosate states refuse to back re-approval of less than 10 years

Many states believe that the 10 years suggested by the Commission is already a “political compromise” considering that the normal re-approval period is 15 years.
[Mike Mozart/Flickr]

The Standing Committee on Plant Animal Food and Feed, which consists of member states’ experts and the Commission, met earlier on Wednesday to discuss renewing the licence for the controversial weed killer.

A debate took place but no vote was taken because of the conflicting positions of the member states.

Greenpeace, a long-time opponent of glyphosate, summed up the ‘conflicting positions’:

“Media reports indicate that ten countries indicated that they would vote against a ten-year renewal of the glyphosate licence (Belgium, Greece, Croatia, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Slovenia and Sweden), while two countries would abstain (Germany and Portugal). Sixteen countries said they would vote in favour (Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Finland and the U.K.),” Greenpeace noted.

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