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sexta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2017

Tweets of the Week: Me Too, Glyphosate, and ePrivacy

Welcome to Tweets of the Week. “Me too” hashtag sparks harassment debate, Commission loses over glyphosate hate, and ePrivacy vote opens lobby floodgate.

(Tweets of the Week, Ep. 22)

Kick started by the Harvey Weinstein revelations, the #metoo hashtag has gathered momentum with women from all walks of life, of course, Brussels is not immune.

The Sunday Times’ Bojan Pancevski‏ and Politico’s Ryan Heath both revealed troubling allegations in the EU institutions.

The issue was debated at the European Parliament, where MEPs including Terry Reintke and Sophie in’t Veld condemned a culture of silence.

Ciara Bottomley‏ pointed out that of the 40 speakers at the plenary debate only 5 are men. She said it was “disappointing” and “men must be part of the solution.”


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