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sexta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2017

Andriukaitis lashes out at tobacco industry, says it uses ‘tricks’ to bypass legislation

Andriukaitis: "If you’re a transparent industry, you would be very much interested to ratify the illicit trade protocol."
[Sarantis Michalopoulos]
The European Commission presented on Thursday (23 November) a report conducted together with the OECD and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

Andriukaitis: National health systems need 'fundamental reform'

EU countries could save money and lives by increasing investment in disease prevention and health promotion, the European Commission said on Thursday (23 November), stressing that good health policy requires political will across all sectors. 

Reducing the burden of avoidable diseases on healthcare systems is high on the EU executive’s priorities. Spending on prevention accounts for only 3% of national health budgets, compared with 80% on the treatment of diseases, a situation that is clearly unbalanced, according to the Commission.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Andriukaitis stressed the EU Tobacco Product Directive, which entered into force in May 2016, had created a lot of challenges for the tobacco industry.

The revised directive introduced a number of strict measures on packaging. For instance, 65% of a pack’s surface should contain a health warning picture as well as text.

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