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quarta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2017

Buying online: EU-wide remedies against defective digital goods

  • First ever EU-wide rules to protect shoppers faced with faulty digital content or services
  • If a problem cannot be fixed, price to be reduced or contract ended and consumer refunded
  • Digital content includes music, movies, apps, games and computer programmes
Every day millions of Europeans enter into some form of contract for digital content
©AP Images/European Union-EP 
Terms and Conditions of an online contract ©AP Images/European Union-EP
People who buy or download music, apps, games or use cloud services will be better protected when a trader fails to supply the content or provides a defective one. 

The first EU-wide “digital contracts” rules to protect online shoppers better were approved on Tuesday by MEPs on the Internal Market and Legal Affairs committees. 

The draft rules would apply when consumers pay for digital content or provide their personal data to access it (e.g. by registering for an online service or on social media). They cover all digital content and services, regardless of the medium used for their transmission (e.g. via CDs, DVDs, downloading, web-streaming, access to storage capabilities or use of social media).

What to do if something goes wrong

The directive includes rules on, inter alia, remedies available to consumers, the burden of proof, and the trader’s obligations.

It lays down that:

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