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sexta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2017

Commission puts EU fishermen in catch-22 situation

Under new EU rules, all fish caught must be landed irrespective of size or species.
The Commission proposed new fishing quotas for 78 fish stocks in the Atlantic and North Sea on Tuesday (7 November). Fisheries ministers will use the Commission’s proposal as a basis for negotiations in the next agriculture and fisheries council on 11 and 12 December.

On 25 fish stocks, the Commission proposed a decrease in quotas (the amount fishermen are allowed to catch), to ensure they have time to recover and can be fished sustainably in the future.

For three stocks in particular – plaice in the Celtic Sea, as well as whiting off the coast of West Scotland and in the Irish Sea – a 0% quota was proposed, equivalent to a total ban.

Until recently, when vessels landed fish stocks exceeding their quotas, they simply threw them back in the water. This waste of resources, of up to 40% of all fish caught for some species, led the Commission to require that fishermen land and count all fish they catch towards their quota – a measure called “landing obligation” – which will start to be implemented for some stocks on 1 January 2018.

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