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quinta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2017

ETNO elects Phillip Malloch as new Chairman for 2018

Thursday, 16 November 2017

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On October 26, ETNO Association elected Phillip Malloch, Vice-President – Head of Group Public Affairs, Telia Company, as the new ETNO Chairman for 2018. He discussed the “future of telcos” and put forward a message for regulators and policy-makers.

On the future of telcos, Malloch says it “can be built on the foundation of investment, in different types of access technologies for our customers, fixed, wireless, whatever service they need to fulfil their digitalized lifestyle. To be a successful telecoms operator as we go forward is also to be, what we call a hub of what matters for our customers: bring together those services and those experiences which enable it to live a digitalized lifestyle, whether that is a home, a work, or out on the road, wherever they are.”

As for regulators and policy-makers, Malloch stresses that “ambition is a really important part of the policy-making process. Regulation is one thing; regulation is driven by policy, and policy is a really important part of setting the right goals for us all, as an industry and as a society.”


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