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quarta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2017

MEPs divided on the citizens’ initiative to ban glyphosate

A women dressed as Europe (L) and a man dressed as death (R), kisss during an action 'Europe get out of bed with Monsanto', to protest against the prolongation of the use of glyphosate in Europe, in front of EU building in Brussels, Belgium, 25 October 2017.
[Stephanie Lecocq/EPA]
 Around 1.3 million European citizens want a ban on glyphosate.

The European Parliament, which rejected a 10-year renewal of glyphosate authorisation in October and proposed a total ban by 2022, debated on Monday (November 20th) a European citizens’ initiative entitled “Prohibiting Glyphosate and protecting people and the environment from toxic pesticides “.

Pro-glyphosate states refuse to back re-approval of less than 10 years

The EU member states led by the UK, which are in favor of glyphosate’s re-authorisation for at least ten years, refused at a meeting today (25) to support the renewal of the substance for a less period of time, EURACTIV has learnt.

“We welcome this initiative, a sign of good health of the European democracy”, said Eric Andrieu (France, S&D) and Ian Huitema, (Netherlands, ALDE). The Socialist MEP seems to be more alert than his liberal colleague: “We must apply the precautionary principle immediately,” he said, while Huitema mused: “Will banning glyphosate allow us to initiate the green transition of our agriculture?”

Brendan Burns, head of agriculture and development at the European Economic and Social Committee, summed up the situation: “European policies are placed in a complex situation as scientific studies come to contrary conclusions about glyphosate.”
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