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quarta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2017

Szydlo: Poland is not going to leave the EU

Beata Szydło at the 15th Foreign Policy Forum in Warsaw.
There will be no ‘Polexit’, Szydło said in her speech at the 15th Foreign Policy Forum in Warsaw last week (9 November).

“We have announced that we will make our country more secure, that we will actively pursue Polish interests in the European Union, that the strength of Polish foreign policy will be its strong position in regional cooperation and that it will reflect the expectations and ambitions of the citizens of Poland.

“We have made good on these promises,” she said.

The prime minister’s comments come as the European Parliament prepares to discuss a resolution on Wednesday (15 November) calling on the EU to initiate an unprecedented infringement procedure against the country for breaking the rule of law.
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