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quarta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2017

The ins and outs of the European food chain

Distributors log every movement of every item of food to ensure traceability.
The 44 million workers in the EU’s food chain are vital to ensuring European citizens have access to sufficient quantities of high-quality food. From farmers to retailers, the sector is constantly evolving to keep up with the major challenges of the future. EURACTIV’s partner EFEAgro reports.

Producers are the first link in the food chain. The European Union has close to 11 million agricultural producers. The market has become increasingly broader, more diverse and more globalised, a reality that has its advantages and disadvantages. One of which is the price volatility that affects agriculture and livestock farmers.

In this case, the European Commission is looking for concrete measures to strengthen the position of producers in the food chain and to end unfair trading practices; as well as to improve transparency in the market and cooperation between producers. In fact, they are holding a public consultation for all those interested to contribute their strategies and proposals.

More cooperation between producers

One potential solution is to strengthen the production and sale of foods with official quality labels and for producers to work together in order to strengthen their hand in negotiations with the food industry and distributors.

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