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quinta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2017

LIVE – #EUCO summit wraps up busy year for EU

EU leaders will once again meet in Brussels to discuss a whole host of issues.
On Tuesday (12 December), Council President Donald Tusk sent EU heads of state and government an invitation to the end-of-week summit. Below are the main topics on the agenda:
  • MIGRATION The situation on all migratory routes is under control but all is not well. Council President Donald Tusk is critical of the mandatory relocation quotas while the Commission wants to keep them as part of a long-term solution. A “broad and honest” discussion is expected but no written conclusions are expected this time – decisions should be taken next June.
  • ECONOMIC-MONETARY UNION France’s Macron is calling for bold reforms to strengthen the eurozone while Tusk favours a more cautious approach and will ask leaders to shelve plans for a eurozone budget or an EU finance minister, for now. Instead, he wants them to focus on strengthening the European Stability Mechanism and turning it into European Monetary Fund and strengthening the banking union.
  • BREXIT EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier will brief the leaders about progress made in the first phase of talks and recommend that negotiations move on to post-Brexit relations between UK and EU. Barring a major last-minute surprise, the leaders are expected to approve it, but they will also impress on Theresa May that all agreements reached so far are binding.

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