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quinta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2017

Parlamento Europeu

13-12-2017 12:55 PM CET
AMENDMENTS 131 - 354 - Draft report Establishing a single digital gateway to provide information, procedures, assistance and problem solving services
Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
13-12-2017 02:40 PM CET
PARECER sobre a proposta de Regulamento do Parlamento Europeu e do Conselho que estabelece o quadro jurídico do Corpo Europeu de Solidariedade e que altera os Regulamentos (UE) n.º 1288/2013, (UE) n.º 1293/2013, (UE) n.º 1303/2013, (UE) n.º 1305/2013, (UE) n.º 1306/2013 e a Decisão n.º 1313/2013/EU
Comissão do Ambiente, da Saúde Pública e da Segurança Alimentar
Eleonora Forenza

13-12-2017 02:40 PM CET
PARECER sobre a proposta de Regulamento do Parlamento Europeu e do Conselho relativo ao reconhecimento mútuo das decisões de congelamento e de confisco
Comissão dos Assuntos JurídicosPavel Svoboda
13-12-2017 02:55 PM CET
NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Report on the IMCO delegation visit to the United States on 19 – 21 September 2017
Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

13-12-2017 02:55 PM CET

DRAFT OPINION on towards a sustainable and competitive European aquaculture sector: current status and future challenges
Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
Francesc Gambús
13-12-2017 04:40 PM CET
13-12-2017 06:52 PM CET

EU law establishes citizens' rights to an open, independent and efficient EU administration. The Committee on Legal Affairs is therefore launching a 12-week consultation process to determine what the public expects regarding its relations with the EU’s administration. To this end, individuals, companies, professors, universities and any other institution interested in taking part in the consultation can complete a questionnaire which will made available through the link below, as of 15.12.17.

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