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quarta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2018

Andriukaitis: Big data has ‘enormous’ potential to optimise healthcare

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Several public health NGOs have expressed their reservations about the rising tendency to use big data in healthcare, claiming that this may pose a threat to the right to privacy and ownership of personal data.
[Sarantis Michalopoulos]
Speaking at the “Big Data: Connected solutions for better healthcare” conference held in Brussels last week (25-26 January), the EU health chief stressed the importance of big data in healthcare, saying that its usage could identify patterns that will, in turn, lead to new prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

“At the same time, it could decrease inefficiencies and reduce waste, time and resources,” Andriukaitis noted.

He singled out the importance of the European Reference Networks, whose aim is to provide cross-border healthcare cooperation between European countries to treat rare and complex diseases.

“The success of ERNs also depends on big data: they will compile fragmented health data sets, generate new clinical, genetic, behavioural, and environmental data and make use of these data,” the EU official said.

Commission launches reference networks to face rare and complex diseases

In an effort to combat rare diseases and improve patient accessibility, the European Commission launched the European Reference Networks (ERNs) yesterday (28 February).


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