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terça-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2018

Companies set to miss EU acrylamide targets

Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Acrylamide naturally forms when starchy foods are cooked above 120°C.
[Marco Verch/Flickr]

Acrylamide should account for no more than 750 microgrammes per kilogram under a new regulation adopted last September by government ministers and the European Parliament. However, presence of the chemical was well above the limit in seven out of the 18 samples of crisps sold in Italy subjected to laboratory tests by consumer magazine il Salvagente.

The regulation, which comes into force on 11 April, was supported by both the food industry and consumer groups.

For his part, Belgium’s farm minister Willy Borsus expressed relief that the regulation had spared the nation’s “friteries” and one of its favourite dishes from having to change traditional preparation methods.

MEPs vote down endocrine disruptor criteria, back acrylamide regulation

The European Parliament’s environment committee objected to the Commission’s proposed criteria for endocrine disruptors on Thursday (28 September), and threw out another objection to the executive’s proposal to regulate levels of cancer-causing acrylamide in food.

However, while the new EU law requires firms to take ‘mitigating measures’ to reduce the chemical’s presence in their products, it does not include a sanctions regime for those who breach the 750 mg benchmark.

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