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segunda-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2018

Davos wrap-up: A sense of optimism on Europe and the global economy

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and other participants follow the special address by US President Donald J. Trump, last Friday.
[World Economic Forum / Faruk Pinjo]

Europeans arrived with renewed confidence in Davos this year, after a long period flying below the radar screen at the forum.

Europe suffered like no other region from the global financial crisis that hit just over ten years ago. Two recessions and seven state bailouts turned the EU into a source of concern for the global system. The risk of Greece leaving  the euro and the UK’s departure from the bloc prolonged Europe’s agony in recent years.

Inspired by Europe’s comeback, EU leaders promise to ‘deliver’

The World Economic Forum missed European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Thursday (24 January), but presidents, prime ministers, and ministers from all EU countries were there to send the message that Europe is back.

But this year, the message was loud and clear: “Europe is back”. At the center of this renewed sense of optimism is the positive economic momentum and a political situation that looks better compared to last year, despite the complicated Brexit negotiations and risky elections in Italy next March.

“The optimism about the situation in Europe is one of the issues that I picked from this edition,” former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt told EURACTIV.

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