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terça-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2018

Macedonian smog envelopes cities, emergency measures introduced

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Skopje's smog became so bad that the government offered citizens free public transport in an effort to get people out of their cars.
The government said residents of the cities of Skopje and Tetovo had been granted free travel on trains and buses in the last few days of December to discourage use of cars while those with chronic illnesses and pregnant women were excused from work. Outdoors sports activities were also banned.

Local media said shops ran out of face masks as many people sought to protect themselves from the subzero and largely windless air in Skopje, which sits at the bottom of a valley.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) study published early this year said Skopje was among 10 European cities with the highest concentration of toxic particles.

Skopje and four other Balkan cities in that list rely for their energy including heating during frigid winters on high-polluting lignite coal, a holdover from decades of old Communist Yugoslav rule.

Dawn of new EU emissions rules could sound death knell for coal power

New EU rules formally agreed on Monday (31 July) mean power plants will have to cut pollutants, with the cost of compliance estimated to be over €15bn. Environmental groups predict that the logical next step is widespread closures of the most polluting coal-powered plants.

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