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segunda-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2018

Country of origin food labelling to be voluntary, but not always

Country of origin food labelling will be obligatory only if the main ingredient of a particular food product comes from a different country and the producer wants to have the country of origin label, a European Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV.com.
Last month, the Commission submitted a draft for public feedback of a regulation on Country of Origin Labelling.
However, several stakeholders were confused with the title of the public consultation, which referred to a provision of “voluntary” indication of origin or place of provenance of foods.
The government of Canada, for instance, commented that further clarification was needed on whether the nature of the Commission’s proposal was mandatory or voluntary. It also urged the executive to move towards a voluntary basis in order for food business operators to have the choice to add this labelling or not. (...)

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