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sexta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2018

German coalition agreement: A document of distrust

CDU/CSU and SPD are laying their policies down to the last detail. SPD chairman Martin Schulz gives up his party lead to Andrea Nahles. But will this be enough for the SPD party base to agree in the vote on the agreement? A commentary from EURACTIV Germany’s media partner “Der Tagesspiegel.”
If only they had chosen a great title for this agreement to bear. Something like “Because we trust in Germany’s power”. This was the headline for the new beginning with Gerhard Schröder, after 16 long years under a Helmut Kohl government.
Back then the coalitioners did not want to change the world but they wanted to change the country fundamentally, they wanted an awakening instead of a gridlock. Some things indeed worked out well back then. (...)

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