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segunda-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2018

Prospect of higher Mercosur meat quotas angers French farmers

Monday, 5 February 2018

Liniers Ranch Market's cattle, a 104-year-old ranch located in the Argentinian neighbourhood of New Chicago, in Buenos Aires. This is Argentina's largest cattle market and one of the biggest in the world to sell and buy the famous Argentinian beef.
[Cezaro de Luca/EPA]

Meat was back on the menu during bilateral talks this week in Brussels, with Mercosur trade ministers (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina) and Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrӧm dining out.

According to Reuters, the quantity of meat that Mercosur would have the right to export into the EU has been increased to 99,000 tonnes per year.

In France, Agriculture Minister Stéphane Travert condemns this proposal, recalling that French President Emmanuel Macron had already warned Jean-Claude Juncker that the quota of 70,000 tonnes was already a red line for France.

“France wishes to continue talks with Mercosur, but within the actual political context, it is crucial to come to a balanced result, and at this moment we are far from it,” said the minister.
“On the subject of beef, the quota should not exceed the volume already supplied at a European level,” which is equivalent to 70,000 tonnes, the minister added.

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