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domingo, 22 de março de 2020

Call For Papers, vol. 6/2020 - Social Sciences (international databases indexed journal)

Type the title of your paper here
List the author names here
Type the author addresses here
Type the corresponding author’s e-mail address here
Abstract. Start your abstract here…
Keywords. Start, keyword, here.
1.  The first section in your paper
The first paragraph after a heading is not indented (Bodytext style). You can find out how styles work in Word at this address: https://youtu.be/w2lES-5Ynbk
Other paragraphs are indented (BodytextIndented style).
2.  Another section of your paper
The first paragraph after a heading is not indented (Bodytext style).
Other paragraphs are indented (BodytextIndented style).

2.1.  A subsection

Some text.
2.1.1.  A subsubsection. The paragraph text follows on from the subsubsection heading but should not be in italic.
3.  Predefined paragraph styles
Table 1 lists the paragraph styles defined in this template.

Table 1. Paragraph styles.
Example and use
Style in which to format your Abstract
Style for author addresses
Style for the list of author names
The style for the first paragraph after a section, subsection or subsubsection
An indented style for  paragraphs that follow after Bodytext
·         Bulleted list
Style for corresponding author’s e-mail address
Centred figure (and table) caption style
[1]          The style to use for a numbered reference. Note that when the text reaches the end of the line it will indent slightly
Reference (no number)
A style for references that are part of a numbered reference (where there are multiple entries under a single number)
4.  Style for section headings
Section (no number)
Style for section headings that are not numbered (e.g., ‘References’)
4.1.  Style for a subsection
4.1.1.  Style for subsubsection. Type a full stop (‘period’) after the heading text and continue the paragraph in Roman (upright) type

[1]          A reference
This reference has two entries but the second one is not numbered (it uses the ‘Reference (no number)’ style.
[2]          Another reference
[3]          More references
[4]          Sequence and punctuation of references should be:
[5]           F. K. VOSNIAKOS, K. S. FARMAKIS: Radioactive Releases from Nuclear and Ther­mo­elec­tric Power Plant Operation and Their Effect to the W of Northern Greece. J. of Protection and Ecology, ISSN 1234-1212,  (2), 255  (2000).
[6]           E. P. PAPANIKOLAU, P. KRITIDIS: Contamination of the Agricultural Land of Greece with Cs-137 and Its Effect on Crops. In: Intern. Conf. on Radioactivity in the Mediterranen Areas, Barcelona, May 1988, 457-466.
[7]           K. TASCHNER: Environmental Management and Audit Scheme.EEB ISBN 0987-09982-23-1 (Eds C. Key, K. Tashner). Brussels, Belgium, 1998.

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