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sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2020

Coronavirus: Rio Justice allows to cancel tickets free of charge

A preliminary ruling by the Rio Justice allowed a passenger to cancel her tickets to Europe, at no extra cost, because of the coronavirus pandemic. The measure, handed down by Judge Flávio Citro, of the 2nd Special Civil Court of the Capital, was against British Airways and Submarino Viagens. The information was released on Thursday (12) by the Court of Justice (TJ).

According to the note, biomedical Luana Chagas would take a course on March 22 and 23 in a region near Bologna, Italy, and then take a tourist trip. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the course being canceled, she also gave up the tour of Europe, since, in addition to the risk of contracting the disease, several tourist spots were closed.
With the court decision, she will be able to reschedule a new date for the use of the tickets, for which she paid R $ 3,390, without paying additional fees. British Airways and Submarino Viagens were contacted by the report to take a position on the court decision, but have not yet commented. (...)

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