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sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2020

EDPS Opinion on the European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence –A European approach to excellence and trust

Executive SummaryOn  19  February  2020,  the  European  Commission  published a  White  Paper  on  “Artificial Intelligence:  
 A  European  approach  to  excellence  and  trust”.  It  is  part  of  a  wider  package  of strategic documents, including also a Communication on “A European strategy for data”.The  aim  of  the  White  Paper  is  twofold:  setting out  policy  options  to  promote  the  uptake  of Artificial  Intelligence  (‘AI’) and to  address  ‘the risks  associated with  certain  uses  of this  new technology’.  
 To  achieve  such  goals,  the  White  Paper  proposes  a  set  of  actions  to  foster  the development and the adoption of AI anda new regulatory framework that would address concerns specific to AI that the current framework may not address.This  Opinion  presents  the  EDPS  views  on  the  White  Paper  as  a  whole,  as  well  as  on  certain specific aspects, such as the proposed risk-based approach, the enforcement of AI regulation or the specific requirements for the remote biometric identification (including facial recognition).
 The EDPS acknowledges AI’s growing importance and impact. However, AI comes with its own risks  and is not a ‘silver bullet’ that will solve all problems. Benefits, costs and risks should be considered  by  anyone  adopting  a  technology,  especially  by  public  administrations  who  process great amounts of personal data. (...)

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